About Us

MNagro is a Consulting company, established in March 2007, to provide a wide range of services to different agribusiness segments, but having seed segments as the main focus. Based in Brazil, MNagro is doing many projects to companies all over the world in view of the excellent network it has on seeds market. We have connect companies who are developing good business in many countries out of Brazil and on several other countries.

MNagro is leaded by Marcio Nascimento, an agronomist from Sao Paulo University (USP) with more than 40 years of experience in the seed market.  Marcio developed his career in seed companies like Pioneer, Asgrow and Seminis (Monsanto). Most of the time he had positions in Sales, Marketing & Besides Strategy areas besides New Product Development. He assumed leading positions in several Brazilian seed associations and currently he is an Honorary Member of ABCSEM (The Brazilian Seeds and Young Plants Trade Association for Vegetables, Ornamentals and Flowers).

Since its foundation, MNagro developed and supported over 140 different agribusiness projects for local companies in Brazil and especially for foreign companies. The company's experience is concentrated in sales and marketing for the seed business, and it allow us to develop new business opportunities for many companies open news customers from them in many countries.  Among the top projects developed by MNagro, can be mentioned the merger and acquisitions made by Limagrain group in corn and wheat in Brazil years ago as well as KWS corn seed projects in Brazil, Semences de France (In Vivo) in soybean seeds in Brazil and RAGT in corn and wheat in Brazil. Mnagro had a chance to provide support to all these groups and projects in Brazil.

MNagro has also worked in the partnership between the Brazilian company Atlântica Sementes & Nuseed, both companies are dedicated to sorghum, sunflower and grass seeds. Furthermore provided a wide range of services to many Brazilian and foreign companies offering different kinds of support, but especially helping breeding companies to develop new customers in different countries in the world. This is possible since Mnagro has a tremendous file of seed companies all over the world and increase it year after year with many contacts and participation in seed congress in different moments, like ASTA Congress, ISF Congress, APSA and SAA Congress, etc.