Seed Market Evolution

According to the news published by ABRASEM, the Brazilian Seed Association, in April 2014, the total seed market in Brazil was around 4 billion dollars and the seed volume produced jumped from 1.6 million ton in 2001 to 3.0 million in 2012-13 crop.  Soybean seeds are, by far, the segment in which we had the biggest growth. They estimate the soybean seed market is around 1.3 billion dollars and it will grow more and more with the development of GMO sophistication use.

Corn seed market had a volume increase from 172,000 ton in 2000-01 to 425,000 ton in 2013-14.

The recent data published on vegetable seed market indicates a value between USD 200-300 million, considering the prices paid by the growers. The forage seed market estimates USD 400-500 million, based on UNIPASTO information.

Brazil is becoming a key player on meat exportation during the past few years and based on the expansion of the beef cattle business, the domestic grass seeds had an expressive growth. In addition, Brazilian forage seeds are being exported in a significant amount too.

In segments like rice, the utilization of hybrids increased, as well as in other segments. The expectations are that farmers will decrease the use of "saved seed" and start using improved seeds. Wheat is another crop in which private companies have gained market share. Sorghum grain and forage had a good expansion in the last two years. More recently, bioenergy sorghum was introduced in Brazil to be a potential crop to complement sugar cane in ethanol production.