Brazil overcome China and USA in Agribusiness

From a global farm to a technological center of production. Investments in technology and efficient public policies, the Brazilian vocations of big global food producer


Brazilian govern support, thru agriculture credit and incentive to the  research, the Brazilian agribusiness becomes one of  the most efficient in the world. According USDA, they confirmed the high yield in the country compared to other economies. This agribusiness performance has been very positive to the GNP of the country

Figure 1 - Brazilian grains production is 30,465 higher than 10 years ago (kgs per hect).


According CONAB (Brazilian Agriculture Supply Co), all the technology applied at farm level took Brazil a Record yields. While 10 years ago was possible to harvest 2, 8 tons of grains per hectare, the last crop Brazil jump to 3, 9 tons per hectare.

“Technology becomes the key factor to explain the success f Brazilian agriculture, that now day supply a population with diversified options of foods at reasonable price and assure additional quantities to be exported and generating very positive figures for export balance in Brail, say the EMBRAPA President, Mr Lopes.

He remember also that Brazil build all this developed and strong agribusiness scenario with modest investments, much lower than the large strong financially countries like USA, China, India.

Income at Agribusiness

USDA confirms the power of Brazilian agribusiness prodcuer .They report the income obtained at farm increase at a level much faster than the balance of the world. At Brazil the farmers income increased at the rate of 4, 28% per year. In China that is the second country on the ranking the rate of growth is 3, 25% per year, while USA is the seventh position with 1, 93% per year.


Income increase in each country (2006 thru 2010)


“The grain production took Brazil to be a large producer and one of the largest exporters of grains and meet according Mr Casques from Agri Dept in Brazil.

 Mr Gasques remember that between 1975 to 2016, 80, 6% from the growth in Brazilian production comes from increase in yield. During this period the grain production moved from 40, 6 million tons to 187 million tons and on cattle segment production increase from 1, 8 million tons to 7, 4 millions tons



For the coordinator of Economic area of the National Agriculture Federation Mr Renato Conchon the results of the technology application becomes clear when we evaluate the economy performance last year. Agribusiness was one of the key factors in National GNP.

 “The farmer invested in an advanced technologic package in the crop 2016/2017 and had the cooperation of the excellent weather conditions, which gave to him a Record crop o 238 million tons, He reports. “This entire situation showed the importance of agribusiness sector for the Brazilian economy and society”, commemorate.