Vegetable Business in Brazil

In 2014, ABCSEM (The Brazilian Vegetable Seed Trade Association) had contracted once again MNagro to do a review of the 2012 market study. The key objective was to develop some figures for the vegetable market (not seed market) as far as 17 key species related to the volume produced, value of such production at different levels, use of the agriculture suppliers, labor and packaging costs.

Considering that the project was done based on many information coming from the fields and had no statistical approach, the results may vary. It is listed below some key information of the data raised:

  • The total volume produced for the 18 species (tomato was counted twice - FM and Processing) reached 19.62 million ton. It means 2.3 million ton more compared to the figures of 2 years behind.
  • Since not all the species were included, it can be added to the above amount about 1 to 2 million ton of production.
  • Five species were produced above 1 million ton per year - they are tomato, watermelon, lettuce, onion and cabbage.
  • Labor cost had an increase of about 24% in quantity used and about 76% in value paid by producers. Many people in the market agree that manpower is becoming a problem.
  • The value of production at the supermarket level reached 3.8 times the value at grower’s level.
  • The seed value for species considered on this project had increased about 30% compared to the previous study.

To better illustrate this study, below it is an example for the onion information.